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Benefits of Having a Professional Sweeping Service

First Impressions: Having a custom professional sweeping service provides visitors with a clean environment that shows that you value your business. HOAs, shopping centers, business, & industrial parks, commercial buildings, retailers, grocery stores, multi-family & housing complexes as well as municipalities can make a lasting impression on visitors with parking lots, roads, or garages that are clean and inviting.

Discourage Littering: If a parking lot or garage is already dirty, visitors are more likely to leave their own litter behind, properties that are clean send a signal that we value our property and are less likely to see littering.

Asphalt Life Extension: Properties that have a reoccurring sweeping service tend to have less long-term asphalt maintenance, erosion issues, and sewer blockages. A well-attended parking lot or garage increases the longevity of the pavement material resulting in less maintenance costs in the future.

Good for the Environment: Dust, small particles, loose materials, coolant, and oil is removed before making their way into stormwater streams and/or staining parking surfaces.

Avoid Liabilities: A poorly maintained parking has the potential for lawsuits due to customer or tenant slips and falls. Regular sweeping ensures your parking lot, roads or garages remains clean and safe.

Cost-Effective: Hiring a professional sweeping service is very cost-effective, keeping the property maintained to avoid unforeseen expenses. A clean parking lot or garage attracts tenants, customers, or investors.

Close-up of sweeper
Close-up of sweeper
Close-up of drain covered in leaves
Close-up of drain covered in leaves
Close-up of drain covered in leaves

Our Equipment & Process

City Wide’s sweepers collect leaves and debris that if left unattended, can overwhelm drainage systems, creating safety concerns and potential hazards. Our state-of-the-art sweepers even remove the tiniest of metal particles and pollutants left by vehicles, keeping sediment from flowing into storm-water systems and contaminating fish and wildlife.

Have local noise ordinances to adhere to? City Wide’s sweepers can accommodate!

City Wide provides flexible sweeping services throughout California including the Greater Sacramento Region, Central Valley, Bay Area, and the Greater Los Angeles area. Contact us to schedule a sweeping service, request a competitive bid, or speak with a Service Manager about pairing additional services to complement your sweeping schedule.