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Having a custom professional parking lot sweeping service not only reduces commercial properties’ liabilities but it makes a valuable lasting first impression on visitors and tenants.

In {{query.city.titlecase()}}, City Wide’s sweepers collect leaves and debris that if left unattended, can overwhelm drainage systems, creating safety concerns and potential hazards.

City Wide Property Services Uses New, Modern Sweeping Trucks To Keep {{query.city.titlecase()}} Clean & Green!

Our state-of-the-art sweepers remove the tiniest of metal particles and pollutants left by vehicles, keeping sediment from flowing into storm-water systems and contaminating fish and wildlife.

Have local noise ordinances to adhere to? City Wide Property Services’ sweepers can accommodate!

City Wide Property Services provides flexible sweeping services throughout California including the Greater Sacramento Region, Central Valley, Bay Area, and the Greater Los Angeles area. We also provide full-service, flexible maintenance plans throughout the states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona that include:

• Commercial Property Maintenance
• Steam Cleaning & Power Washing
• Street Sweeping, Parking Lot Sweeping, and Commercial Garage Sweeping
• Onsite Day Porter Services
• Janitorial Services
• Landscape Maintenance & Irrigation Installations & Repairs
• Illegal Dumping Removal
• Homeless Encampment Cleanups
• Graffiti Removal
• A Variety of Building Engineer Services and Technical Services

Founded over 23 years ago, City Wide Property Services has grown to become {{query.city.titlecase()}}’s trusted partner for property and facility managers who oversee HOAs, shopping centers, business & industrial parks, commercial buildings, retailers, grocery stores, multi-family & housing complexes as well as government properties. When {{query.city.titlecase()}} properties need universal site services for their full portfolio of assets, you can always count on City Wide Property Services to deliver first-class service!

Do you need efficient, affordable, and reliable parking lot sweeping in {{query.city.titlecase()}}? Contact us to schedule a sweeping service, request a competitive bid, or speak with a Service Manager about pairing current maintenance services to with a sweeping schedule.


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